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Home > Furs > Fox > Black Fox Fur Muff - Black Fox Fur Handwarmer Muff

Black Fox Fur Muff - Black Fox Fur Handwarmer Muff

With this marvelous black fox muff, you'll bring back glamour and the sheer chic wearing a muff evokes. Wear it with a fur,coat or suit, or one of our cashmere capes to add a fabulous fashon statement of your own! Match it with a fur headband - the possibilites are endless! Zippered compartment in the inside of the muff allows for storing keys, money or cell phone while looking glamorous!
List Price: $899.00 
You Save: $400.00 
Our Price: $499.00 

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Black Fox Fur Muff Content: Dyed Black Fox. Fur Origin: Finland. Wrist band allows for easy carrying when not wearing muff. Also available blue fox muff or white fox muff. Muff measures approximately 14" W X 10 H . 26" approx. diameter.
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  Black Fox Fur Muff - Black Fox Fur Handwarmer Muff
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